Reviews and Testimonials for Jon’s Keynotes

"I was captivated by scholar, author and lecturer Jon Entine. His ability to reach out and touch everyone in the audience made his visit one of the highlights of this year’s book fair. His broad understanding of his subject matter was skillfully and passionately displayed as he explained to the much-engaged audience the ABC's about DNA."
— Director, Jewish Life and Learning, JCC of Metropolitan Detroit

"The keynote hit all the right notes. You are a transformative speaker. ‘Sustainability’ has become a code word in the media but you brought it home, personally and entertainingly, to a company of skeptics. We will change, and you will be a part of it."
— Chairman, Crane Products Group

"Jon Entine’s advice on handling a potentially hostile journalist ought to be mounted, framed and hung for ready reference near the desk of every corporate public relations officer in North America."
— Director of Communications and Public Relations, for the Public Affairs Council

"Jon Entine was fantastic! His reputation and billing drew the largest number of people we had for our VIP forum. I have never witnessed such a dialogue between a speaker and our audience."
—Director of the VIP Forum, Waynesburg College

"In this age of ‘tabloid journalism,’ the integrity and thoroughness you bring to your work are much admired and respected. And you were extremely informative, inspiring and entertaining, too! We applaud your investigative and literary talents."
— National Association for Biomedical Research

"The response to your talk on ‘crisis management’ has been extremely positive. I was overjoyed by your presentation. Despite differences in perspective between business and journalists, the best representatives of both worlds share a common interest in replacing hyperbole with clear thinking. That was certainly in evidence!"
— Chief Litigation Counsel, Nabisco, for the N.J. Corporate Counsel Association

"I was pleased by both your candor and context. You were unflappable. You did a terrific job of effectively connecting with and empowering these talented students."
— Director, Loyola University Center for Values in Business

"Jon Entine’s presentation on his newest book, Abraham’s Children: Race, Identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People, was spellbinding. He connected easily with his audience tackling this controversial but fascinating topic that was new territory for most. His solid knowledge combined with his ability to articulate complex concepts solidified his outstanding program."
— Program Director, Jewish Community Center of Houston

"Jon Entine spoke in MetroWest, NJ, at two different locations. Audiences were riveted by his presentation – both his words and the images projected on the screen. Furthermore, Jon was generous with his time, staying afterwards to autograph copies of his book and to answer questions by audience members. Community members continued to talk about his programs for days following the event, and many spoke of following up by having their DNA tested in order to check out their own Jewish roots."
—Director, Rimon: Collaborative Jewish Learning

"I was captivated by scholar, author and lecturer Jon Entine's presentation at the Mandel JCC in Cleveland about his recent book, Abraham's Children: Race, Identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People. His broad understanding of his subject matter was skillfully and passionately displayed as he explained to the much-engaged audience the ABC's about DNA. He shook the family tree and related that Ethiopian Jews do not have genetic markers tracing them back to the lost tribe of Israel. Other revelations sparked a lively discussion following Jon's lecture. His quick wit and patience made the question and answer session as informative as his presentation."
— Cleveland Jewish News, Senior Staff Reporter

"Jon Entine gave an excellent power point presentation of a very thought-provoking topic. It was well received by the audience and Mr. Entine stayed long after the book signing to answer all the questions that were asked. It was extremely well attended and everyone was enthusiastic."
— Director San Diego Jewish Book Fair, San Diego Jewish Community Center

"The event received overwhelmingly rave reviews from those attended, in part because Jon took a difficult topic - difficult both scientifically, and in its provocative nature - and made it accessible, engaging and understandable. Jon's background in education comes through in his engaging style, mixing the scientific with the personal, inviting questions and discussion, and helping a broad audience to follow the research he has done in the area of DNA. Jon addresses an important topic that drew a large audience and I heard only positive feedback as people left. This was one of the best-received lectures we have ever hosted!"
— Director of Education & Lifelong Learning­, Isaac M. Wise Temple, Cincinnati

"Jon Entine delivered a stimulating talk to an overflow crowd. Speaking about his newest book, Abraham's Children: Race, Identity and the DNA of the Chosen People, Entine walked the audience through the genetic details necessary to understand the thesis of his book while enlivening the talk with stories of individuals who discovered their genetic identity. Entine is a natural-born teacher and an excellent speaker. His audience responded to his remarks with enthusiasm."
— Jewish Book Festival director, Louisville

"Jon Entine's professionalism and interactive speaking skills engaged attendees, resulting in amazing book sales. Community residents were very responsive and were greatly satisfied with the programming. We would gladly welcome Jon back to our community."
— Florence Melton Adult Mini-School Director & Jewish Community Bookfair Coordinator, Columbus, Ohio

"Jon Entine spoke before a rapt crowd at the Austin Jewish Book Fair. His journalistic journey through the genetic history of the Jews, and its context within Jewish oral and written history, redefined Jewish identity for a number of the members of the audience. For example, Entine's story of the possible conversion of the Khazarian nobility into the Levite tribe more than 1000 years ago, which is borne out in his own genetic makeup, was completely riveting. Entine's telling of the Lemba tribe in Africa, whose priestly sect have an even higher percentage of men carrying the Cohanim haplotype than Ashkenazi Jews, was captivating. Entine's discussion of the controversial study suggesting that there is a genetic basis for intelligence in Jews, but that it comes at the cost of numerous genetic disorders that may be genetically linked to genes for intelligence, provided much fodder for conversation. The audience included professors from the University of Texas, members of Austin's Orthodox community, readers who enjoyed Entine's previous book Taboo, and curious readers from the general community. All left Entine's talk with a broader sense for the potential that understanding the genetic code has to provide important context for the historical, medical, and cultural identity of the Jews, and for people throughout the world."
— Co-Chair, Austin Jewish Book Fair

"Thanks from Seattle. It is fascinating subject matter and I thought you did a wonderful job of presenting it in an entertaining, accessible, knowledgeable and intriguing way."
— Nexbook Seattle

"I applaud Jon Entine’s courage in taking on such a potentially inflammatory subject. I applaud even louder his wisdom, intelligence and talent in making it understandable, fascinating, and in giving it a vocabulary and a context in which to discuss rationally, intellectually, positively, and without rancor."
— President, Tree of Life Congregation and the Jewish Federation, Pittsburgh

"Jon Entine’s presentation on Abraham’s Children: Race, Identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People, at our Author Forum was very powerful. The participants gained incredible insight into their DNA and its meaning to each of us. We‘ve received many, many very positive compliments about the program and sold a lot of books!. This is our third year as a member of the Jewish Book Council, and we appreciate your efforts to promote Jewish books and learning. We aim to offer a variety of events, so people of diverse interests can feel the dynamism that is B’nai Torah Congregation."
 — Program Director of Author Forum, B'nai Torah, Boca Raton

"There were nothing but raves about Jon Entine’s presentation, and we were still selling copies of his book on the last day of the Jewish Book Fair."
— Chair, Dayton Center for Jewish Culture & Education

"The feedback on Jon Entine's presentation was fantastic. His delivery was most dynamic. You felt his energy and passion for the subject matter in a most lively and entertaining way. Highly recommended."
— Director of Financial Resource Development, United Jewish Federation of Northeastern NY

"An Evening with Jon Entine" was a huge success. Mr. Entine gave a stimulating talk on Jewish history from a DNA perspective that captured everyone's interest.  We heard only positive feedback on the topic and the speaker.  Many of the attendees stayed to continue a discussion with the speaker at the social following his talk, and the evening was a success by any measure."
— Director of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Tampa Bay, Jewish Community Center of St. Petersburg, Kent Jewish Community Center of Clearwater

"Jon Entine’s talk about genetics among the Jews was fascinating and eye-opening. Those who heard him speak in Tulsa were extremely impressed with the depth of his knowledge of the subject matter."
— Community Development Coordinator, Jewish Federation of Tulsa

"We could not have made a better choice for our debut event!  Jon is a very engaging speaker and is passionate about his topic. I highly recommend him."
—Book Fair Coordinator and Director, Melton Parent Education Program, Dallas

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