Table of Contents

Introduction by Earl Smith, Distinguished Professor of American Ethnic Studies and Chairman, Dept of Sociology, Wake Forest University: Addressing Tough Questions: African American Athletes, Sports, and Genetics

The Taboo

Chapter 1: Breaking the Taboo on Race and Sports

Chapter 2: The Education of Sir Roger


Chapter 3: By the Numbers

Chapter 4: The Most Level Playing Field

Chapter 5: Nature’s Experiment: The "Kenyan Miracle"

Race science

Chapter 6: "More Brains or More …"

Chapter 7: Evolution (of Great Athletes)

Chapter 8: Race Without Color

Chapter 9: The Origins of Race Science

The Segregation and Integration of Sports

Chapter 10: The Superiority of White Athletes

Chapter 11: Jack Johnson in the Ring Against Jim Crow

Chapter 12: American Eugenics

Chapter 13: Jesse Owens and the German Race

Chapter 14: A Knockout Blow to Race Science

Chapter 15: The "Scheming, Flashy, Trickiness" of Jews

Nature or Nurture?

Chapter 16: The Integration of Sports

Chapter 17: The Sixties

Chapter 17: Sports and IQ

Chapter 18: Winning the Genetic Lottery

Chapter 19: The Environmentalist Case Against Innate Black Superiority in Sports

What About Women?

Chapter 20: The Superiority of White Female Athlete

Chapter 21: East Germany’s Sports Machine

Chapter 22: The Renaissance of the Black Female Athlete

Final Thoughts

Chapter 23: A Genteel Way to Say "Nigger"?

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