Interviews about Taboo

KTAR's Jim in Phoenix interviews Jon on Dusty Baker
July 9, 2003

Fox News' Hannity and Colmes interview Jon on the Dusty Baker Dustup
July 9, 2003

Tracing Jewish History Through Genes (Interview with Jon)
UPI, May 15, 2003

Australia's Radio National interviews Jon on Cyborg Athletes
March 25, 2002

Professor Alexander F. Christensen interviews Jon on August 27, 2001

Ron Wilson of CBC Sports in Edmonton interviews Jon on drug use among high performance athletes - August 8, 2001

Flick and The Boz Man interview Jon on April 11, 2001

HBO's "On the Record with Bob Costas" April 4, 2001

Kimberly Hohman of interviews Jon February 2001

Discuss "Taboo" with Jon on

CNN Interview with Jesse Jackson July 23, 2000

NPR's Juan Williams Interviews Jon about Taboo on "Talk of the Town" May 8, 2000

WorldNetDaily interview by Geoff Metcalf June 25, 2000

Listen to Jon's interview on Sports Byline USA with Ron Barr, April 28, 2000

Chronicle of Higher Education Interview,

Australia's Radio National interview on "The Sports Factor", March 24, 2000

Court TV interview by Fred Graham, March 10, 2000

Interview with which features Taboo as its nonfiction selection

CNN appearance on Talk Back Live January 28, 2000

Fox News interview by Bill O'Reilly January 18, 2000

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