Boards of Advisors and Reviewers

In recognition of the complexity of the issues addressed in Taboo – controversial topics in sociology, anthropology, population genetics, and other fields – the manuscript has been submitted to review by a 'board of advisors' and experts drawn from a range of races, professional expertise, and countries. Included are academicians, former Olympic athletes and journalists.

The Board

GIDEON ARIEL, former Olympic athlete representing ISRAEL; former Director of Computer Science and Biomechanics for the US Olympic Committee; founder Computerized Biomechanical Analysis, Inc.

GASTON BEUNEN, director of the Center for Physical Development Research, chair of the Department of Kinesiology, Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium

J. E. LINDSAY CARTER, Professor Emeritus of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences, San Diego State University

MICHAEL CRAWFORD, Professor of Biological Anthropology and Genetics, University of Kansas

DAVID HUNTER, Chairman, Department of Health and Physical Education, Hampton University, VA

JAY T. KEARNEY, Sport Science and Technology Division of the United States Olympic Committee

RICHARD MAJORS, Fellow, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, University of Manchester, ENGLAND

GARY SAILES, Associate Professor of Kinesiology, Indiana University School of Health and Physical Education

EARL SMITH, Chair of the Department of Sociology at Wake Forest University

MICHAEL SPEIRS, Lecturer, Dept of Anthropology and Sociology, Swarthmore College and University of Pennsylvania Medical School

Additional Reviewers:

DAVID ANDREWS, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Human Movement Sciences and Education, University of Memphis

JOHN BALE, Professor of Sports Geography, Department of Education, Keele University, ENGLAND

CLAUDE BOUCHARD, Professor and Chair, Department of Kinetics, Laval University, Quebec, CANADA

AMBY BURFOOT, Editor Runner’s World

DUNCAN CHAPLIN, Senior Researcher and Policy Analyst, Urban Institute, Washington, DC

DAVID COSTILL, Director of Human Performance Laboratory, Ball State University, IN

BILLY HAWKINS, Professor in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Studies, University of Georgia

CHRISTOPHER HALLINAN, Professor of Human Performance, Victoria University, AUSTRALIA

KEITH HARRISON, Associate Professor of Physical Education, University of Michigan

DEBBIE HENDERSON, Professor in the Department of Sociology, Ohio University

NANCY HOGSHEAD, Three-Time Olympic Gold Medal Winner; former Exec Dir of Women’s Sports Foundation; Attorney

STEVEN JACKSON, Professor, Chair School of Physical Education, University of Otago, NEW ZEALAND

MICHAEL JOYNER, Professor and Medical Doctor, Department of Anesthesiology, Mayo Clinic

ROGER KAUFMAN, Director of the Center of Needs Assessment and Planning, Learning Systems Institute, Florida State University

KENNETH KIDD, Professor, Chair of the Department of Genetics, Yale University School of Medicine

WIB LEONARD, Professor of Sociology, Illinois State University

MAREK KOHN, Author of "The Race Gallery, London, ENGLAND

ROBIN MCCONNELL, Department of Management and International Relations, Massey University, NEW ZEALAND

JOHN MANNERS, Author, Writer for Runner’s World, and Expert on Kenyan Running

ROBERT MALINA, Director, Institute for the Study of Youth Sports, Dept of Kinesiology, Michigan State University

TIMOTHY NOAKES, American College of Sports Medicine; Dir., Sports Science Institute at the Univ. of Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

LARRY PROCTOR, Professor, Dept of Kinesiology and Leisure Studies, Washington State University

SUSAN RAYL, Professor of Sport History and Sociology at Bridgewater State College in MA

BENGT SALTIN, Director of the Copenhagen Muscle Research Center, DENMARK

VINCENT SARICH, Professor of Molecular Biology, University of California–Berkeley

ADELE WESTON, School of Sport Science, University of Sydney Faculty of Health Sciences, AUSTRALIA

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