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.Jon Entine specializes in sports and race, business ethics, socially responsible investing, and green brand marketing.

March/April, 2000
Skeptical Inquirer


By Kendrick Frazier

A journalist and Emmy-winning producer, formerly with NBC and ABC News, tackles on the nearly taboo subjects of modern life: Why are blacks better athletes than whites and why are we so scared of discussing it? Entine, whose NBC documentary "Black Athletes: Fact & Fiction," written with Tom Brokaw, was named International Sports Film of the Year, explores the genetic, cultural, and physiological roots of black athletic superiority. Drawing on the latest scientific research, he shows why biology and ancestry are significant components of the success of black athletes. He shows how the frequent favored explanation for black dominance --a dearth of opportunities elsewhere, channeling into specific sports, and hard work-- fails to explain the dimensions of the monopoly. Entine is fully aware of all the sensitivities involved with this topic and he addresses all of them carefully and fully.