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.Jon Entine specializes in sports and race, business ethics, socially responsible investing, and green brand marketing.

March 24 , 2000

The Sighted One (John Zentner)

“TABOO: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports And Why We’re Afraid To Talk About It” is a new, insightful book that many authors did not have the courage to write. Emmy winning producer Jon Entine did. With today’s hyperactive cultural sensitivities, Entine produced a masterpiece of scientific honesty and a breakthrough in gleaning fact from myth’ and reality from adversarial politics. With the exception of Jeffrey Sammons, an NYU sports history professor, who without reading the book, called it racist, the “Loyal Oppositon” has been surprisingly silent. Entine, a double Emmy winner, also wrote and produced “Black Athletes: Fact and Fiction” (working with partner Tom Brokaw of NBC). To no one’s surprise it won the Best Feature Film at the International Sports film Festival. Entine lectures abroad and throughout the USA, splitting his time with universities and corporations. When not on the road, he produces a large volume of published articles, truly a fresh breath of air in a nation divided by smoke screens.

Buy the book, it’s worth every penny…and more!

The Sighted One